Glass Act

Livorno, Italy - Old property converted to a sustainable glass loft house

Re-use (Architectural Project, Conservation Architecture, Interior Design)

The project follows a method linking historical memory and contemporary sign.

The main facade was restored keeping original frames and moldings and enhanced thanks to the inclusion of modern fixtures with thermal system blinds and thanks to the new color contrast black / asphalt.

The edge of the parallelepiped in structural glass with bearing profiles only visible from the inside, pushes towards the garden giving a sense of extension of the house to the outside. The glass element is equipped with external solar shading completely invisible and integrated into the facade.

Two panels positioned above the chamber include an integrated photovoltaic system.

Natural light plays a key role throughout the project.

The new volume for a garage features a green roof. The solution for the extensive planted area is simple and economical, a way to give back to nature something that is removed from the soil through the construction.

As for the interior, with underfloor heating, design takes inspiration from the nautical world and plays with just two basic colors: white and black, with the except for the grey of the micro-cement, The rest of the colors are those vegetation and nature that interacts directly with the interior thanks to its fully glazed.

The architectural project was designed following innovative techniques to meet the characteristics of biocompatibility and environmental sustainability.