Pomodoretto coffee shop & deli

SOUTH WEST LONDON  Interior design, Refurbishment, Graphic Design/Logo (in collaboration with OBLO creature)  

The interior design has a quasi industrial spirit. Fresh contemporary touches complete the look. The space is meant to be essentially open, like a loft.
The decor is reductive but convivial, relying on different types of chairs and wood tables, combined with a repetition of items like the lighting fixtures which give a feeling of warm continuity.
The bar, the counter and the cash desks have an obvious display function and an overall eco-sustainable concept.
The coffee shop is imagined as a domestic space where clients can watch the work and select their special type of tarts, cookies, different type of coffees, teas and fresh juices.
The cafe’ section evokes an urban atmosphere whose conviviality is generated by careful attention of soft lighting and color schemes.
The concept is intended as a convivial and sustainable project with eco affordable materials and all lighting is assured with LEED certified appliances.